This coffee is on the house!

This coffee is on the house!

Apr 25, 2021 | Top News

On the 23rd of April in Northern Ireland, hairdressers, barbers, and other close-contact service providers were permitted to reopen following a prolonged period of closure. We decided to welcome them back in the best way we know how: FREE COFFEE! ???? Throughout the day, we gave out more than 1,000 free cups of the good stuff to close-contact service providers in all parts of Northern Ireland.

We’ve faced a very challenging year in the hospitality industry – there’s no doubt about it. But, we were at least able to continue with our operation in a takeaway capacity for the most part. Close-contact service providers had no means of continuing during our successive lockdowns, which will leave a lasting impact on the industry. Months of zero revenue, other than government support, will have been very difficult for our hairdresser, barber, beautician, and consultant friends, so we are delighted to see them getting back to normality! It has been a tough number of months for close-contact service providers, at Bob and Berts we feel the pain as we had to shut our doors to protect our fabulous customers.

From all of us at Bob & Berts, welcome back! We really hope you enjoyed your free coffees, and that this small token of appreciation from us will have brought a smile to your faces.

The social media announcement was as follows:

‘HAIRDRESSERS! BARBERS! CLOSE-CONTACT SERVICE PROVIDERS! ???? With tomorrow being your first day back to work, you’ll probably need caffeinated? 

If you get a free second, pop in to your local Bob & Berts for a wee coffee or tea on the house. You guys have had it tough this year, so it’s the least we can do to welcome you back! 

Ts&Cs: No purchase necessary. Any small tea or coffee. One free drink per customer. Northern Ireland stores only. 

See you guys tomorrow! ???? #bobandberts’



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