Seasonal Sensations: Summertime Specials☀️

Seasonal Sensations: Summertime Specials☀️

Aug 17, 2023 | Seasonal Sensations

We believe that the heart of great food lies in celebrating the bounties that each season brings. That is why at Bob and Berts we create a seasonal menu specials to showcase freshest ingredients of the season, along with constantly updating our menus as our loyal customers discover new favourites✨ These changes allow our customers to to enjoy unique flavours that may not be available year-round.📆

Our second summer menu of the year has a range of specials that makes use of the fresh seasonal ingredients including

🍓Classic Berry Granola

🥬BLT toastie

🥭Dragon fruit and Mango Iced Tea

🍑Peach Fro-lo

🍉Watermelon Fro-lo

🍓Strawberry Fro-lo

seasonal menu - blt seasonal menu - chicken sizzler seasonal menu - chilli caesar salad seasonal menu - posh beans

Our other specials are created through staff and customer suggestions😁

🧀 Cheese and Ham Sourdough Toastie

🍳Breakfast Brioche

🫘Posh beans on toast

🍔Chicken Sizzler burger

🥑Avocado and Halloumi Burger

🌶️Chilli Caesar Salad

To see our full menu range visit Menus

Having a seasonal menu ensures that customers are treated to the freshest and finest ingredients, capturing the true essence of each time of year. Seasonal menus not only reflect our commitment to quality but also allow chefs to showcase their creativity by crafting dishes that resonate with the flavors and traditions of the moment. By rotating the menu with the changing seasons, we create a sense of anticipation and exclusivity, enticing customers to return and explore new offerings. Moreover, a seasonal menu aligns with sustainability principles, promoting the use of local produce and reducing carbon footprint. It keeps the food experience dynamic, engaging, and relevant, giving customers a reason to keep coming back to savour new tastes and enjoy the beauty of nature’s bounty. Embracing seasonal menus also fosters a deeper connection with the community and supports local farmers and producers, contributing to a more vibrant and sustainable food ecosystem.

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